White Label

What is a White Label?

White Labelling is one of the latest craze to hit the market, and it certainly is not a term exclusive to just foreign exchange trading brokerages. White labelling is simply the act of purchasing another firm’s product and then selling or marketing it as its own. Of course, the process is entirely legal and an official contract is signed between the product owner and the business owner who wishes to help sell the product.

• becoming a white label means that you open a brokerage which is linked to a parent brokerage
• The parent brokerage provides you with the technology and the operating mechanisms of a functioning brokerage!
• The white label will need to do some form of revenue-sharing with the parent brokerage usually through the spread!

Why become a white label with Sainmaco?

Becoming a white label of Sainmaco means you get to enjoy access to Asian markets such as Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Vietnam and Malaysia!

Sainmaco' primary aim is in South Asia

We can provide you with the edge necessary to excel in these markets!

We will also provide you with the technology needed to set up your very own brokerage while we bear the primary costs for you!

Look no further than Sainmaco and let us be your guiding hand in this highly profitable market!

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