Signal Service

Signal Service

Sainmaco not only prides itself on providing the best tools for cryptocurrency, but also the best trading signals in town! These signals are generated by our in-house trading team! This means subscribers are not receiving signals from a robot or an expert advisor, which at times can produce disastrous results! Our signals are intuitive and easy to use! All you need to do is follow the live signals and manually copy them to your own trading platform by opening a buy/sell position according to the data of the active signal.

  • Want quick, accurate signals?
  • Hate signals generated by robots which make zero trading sense?
  • Want a professional trader to generate cryptocurrency signals for you?

Track Record

In this chart, the black box would be where we look for opportunities to SHORT the Market because a resistance has been formed

In this chart, the black box is where we would have done a BUY; this is because our trade would have seen the support formed from the trend-line!

Our signals use pattern identification strategies; if you have been through our SkillsFuture Course or Advanced Mentoring Sessions, you will know what that means!
Pattern identification strategies revolve around identifying structures and pattern formations on charts. Some of the structures we use are double tops and double bottoms, head and shoulders, ascending triangles, descending triangles!

Why Choose our Signal Service?

– Real Time Signals via Email or Discord
– Sufficient time given to place Trade Calls
– Short Term and Long Term Trades to cater to all groups!

1. Do I need any prior knowledge to use Sainmaco’s signal service?
No, you do not. All our signals only require you to know how to use your brokerage’s interface; no prior experience in trading is needed

2. What are the assets that are traded in Sainmaco’s signal service?
Our signals deal exclusively with Cryptocurrency pairs; below is a sample list of currency pairs which we use in our signal analysis:

3. Why are only Cryptocurrency pairs involved in Sainmaco’s signal analysis?
Cryptocurrencies have the highest volatility among all of the asset classes commonly found in the world, this allows us to have more trades and more choice for our users!

4. What is the billing process for Sainmaco’s signal service?
The payment cycle begins from the day you sign up for the service. You will be automatically billed at the end of each monthly cycle till you decide to end our service with you

5. How can I terminate my membership with Sainmaco?
You can terminate your signal service membership with us anytime by emailing us your complete member name and indicating to us you wish to terminate your membership with us!

6. How much can I expect to make a month from this signal service?
For enquiries on our signal results, please contact us at [email protected]!

7. If I am a first time user of a signal service or trading Cryptocurrencies for the first time, how much should I fund-in?
Our recommended fund size to start an account would be 5000 USD, this is due to the fact that 5000 USD would give you a more reasonable returns on profits. Assuming you are able to grow your account using our signal services, by 10% each month, then you would have earned 500USD, this would easily cover for the price you have paid to use our signal service!

8. How many trading signals can I expect per month?
The amount of trading signals generated depends on market conditions; it is our policy to never force a trade when there is none. However, please do rest assured that for the pairs we are analysing, we will do our utmost best to give you valid trading signals as far as we can.

Looking to subscribe to our Signal Service?
Here are 3 subscription plans to choose from!

3 MonthsSubscription3

3 Months Subscription

6 MonthsSubscription6

6 Months Subscription

1 YearSubscription12

1 Year Subscription