Money and Asset Managers

There are always talents out there and Sainmaco is determined to find them. Who are these talents that we speak of? Money managers of course! Sainmaco has a copy-trading system where followers copy the trades of traders in return for a 20% split of their profits to the traders! Join us today as a money manager!

Advantages of joining us as a money manager:

Trade returns are maximised with tight spreads!

Deep interbank liquidity affords better market execution of trading orders

With our CopyTrading technology, sub accounts can be tagged to master accounts with complete account segregation!

Traders will receive aid shall as weekly featuring, posting of results and even attend our trader conferences as guest speakers! VIP treatment is guaranteed!

Absolute close-to-zero latency in execution of trades between master and sub accounts with our in-house technology developed by our Chief Technology Officer

Followers are free to withdraw and performance fees are calculated upon each withdrawal

Transparent showing of profits and performance fees for each trader!

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