The new wave of cryptocurrencies have arrived! In order to meet with rising demand, Sainmaco has taken it upon itself to offer basic cryptocurrency courses for all who are interested.

The Crypto
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This basic course will provide you with a very elementary understanding of what are cryptocurrencies, how it came about and the implications of this new financial instrument! Click here to download a copy of our syllabus!

  1. What is the blockchain?
  2. Features of the Blockchain
  3. Applications of the Blockchain
  4. What is cryptocurrency?
  5. Proof of Work Vs Proof of Stake
  6. How does mining work?
  7. How does staking work?
  8. Pros and Cons of each
  9. Cost and profits involved in mining
  10. The Correct Mining strategy
  11. Future of Cryptocurrency
  12. Hands-On Experience of setting up of different wallets and exchange accounts
  1. Understanding the Different Wallet Types
  2. Separating real blockchain from hypes, highly important!
  3. What is an ICO?
  4. Main Token Types
  5. Analyzing an ICO – Learn how to pick winning ICOs and Identify scams
  6. Strategies in Investing
  7. Structure of token sales, holdings, marketing campaigns, supply manipulation and how they affect token price movements
  8. Technical Analysis and Entering into Exchanges to trade
  9. Strategies on how to profit from the Crypto-Market
  10. Secret method of using the different order types
  11. Hot Coin Picks

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