Best Newcomer Copy

Trading Platform Award

Sainmaco is proud to be awarded the Best Newcomer Copy-Trading Award. We are honored to be given this prestige and recognized as a rising force in the Copy-Trading arena. With this award and the recognition of our fellow industry partners, we will continue to bring value-added services to all our retail and institutional clients.


Awards are keystones of any organization and through winning these awards, we hope to win your trust as well. These awards are symbols of recognition towards our ability to provide trustworthy, reliable and powerful services towards our clients and more importantly, they represent our desire to keep improving towards a greater goal and never stop no matter what. Through the awards that we won, we hope to put all our clients to ease by allowing them to know that we are serious about our business and we work with only the very best.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and even for an experienced brokerage like Sainmaco, our journey is a never ending one! We look towards the future as we aim for more awards in a bid to promote our branding but essentially showcase to our existing clients that they have not chosen the wrong brokerage to use and follow!